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We spoke with Nitehawk’s Beverage Director, Matt Walker, to see what he and his mustache twirling, suspender wearing beaker buddies* cooked up for Palo Alto this weekend and he had this to say about our Raging Punch:

“Can you just come up with a quick blurb about high school parties and jungle juice or something?”

Will do!

When I was a kid, my uncle used to warn me about the terrible black-out juice he and his frat brothers would make in giant trash cans. They called it Purple Passion. I don’t know what was in it, exactly, but I could probably wager a guess. When I got into college, the name had changed, but the formula seemed basically the same. The cocktail evolved into “Pimp Juice,” and contained several types of Gatorade, Kool Aid, and the kind of booze you usually find in a Greenpoint gutter. The same basic rules applied: super sweet; mixed together in some sort of… tub; will get you all sorts of fucked up.

Our version is a little less… rough around the edges:┬áDon Q Rum, apple brandy, Averna, blood orange liqueur, lime, passion, and pomegranate that’s all mixed together in a receptacle that has pre-approved by the New York City Department of Health.

After all, we’re not in high school anymore; treat your alcohol problem with the respect it deserves.

*They only have mustaches sometimes.

— Kris King, @KrisKingTornado