escapeFilmFeastSliderFilm Feast: Escape from New York (1981, John Carpenter)
Wednesday, June 11; 7:30pm | Buy Tickets

I’ve always been curious about what happened to Brooklyn and Long Island in Escape from New York‘s oddball prison-city scenario. The only part of the world you see outside of Manhattan in this movie is New Jersey, and that… looks basically the same, really. It’s frustrating, you never get a good looksee over the wall into the outer boroughs. It can’t just be abandoned from the East River to Mauntauk, right? Is Brooklyn where all of the Manhattan refuges live? Did Queens get wiped out in some terrible gang war? What about the beaches? Did they mine the beaches? Those bastards.

In any case, we’re showing Escape from New York a few times this month, which is something to be jazzed about. Jazz-worthiest, though, is our Film Feast for Escape From New York. Since EscNY isn’t exactly open for much direct culinary inspiration (“If you don’t eat the rat skewer, the poison you just drank is going to kill you!” doesn’t sound like a fun night out… Well, maybe kinda it does.), and sensing that, our chef, Michael Franey, changed tactics:

“The general theme for the menu isn’t taken directly from the movie but it uses the movie as a reference point. Since the movie is all about getting out of New York, I took things that are associated as very quintessential New York City food items and highlighted other places that have made them their own. “

I’ll let Chef Michael take you all through the rest of the menu. Meanwhile, I’m going to go write John Carpenter about this Brooklyn issue and report back.

– Kris King, @KrisKingTornado

esc01No Escape Oysters
Kumamoto and Otter Cover oysters, lemon, asian mignionette

Drink Pairing: Greenport Summer Ale
No Blue Points here! This is all about the West Coast Oyster, fresh and bright flavor with no brininess. Served very simply on the half shell with a piece of lemon and an Asian style mignonette.

esc04The Twin Tower Dogs
Smoked all beef dog, pineapple relish, garlic lemon sauce, potato roll

Drink Pairing: Greenport Harbor Pale Ale
Hawaii doesn’t usually come to mind when you think of hot dogs but they love them down there, along with their Spam! This is a riff on the famous Puka Dog, where garlic and lemon aioli acts as a great counter point to the sweet and slightly spicy pineapple relish.

esc03Duke’s Deep Dish
House made marinara, roasted wild mushrooms, italian sausage, mozzarella

Drink Pairing: Greenport Cuvaison
The second most famous pizza in the land, Chicago-style deep dish pizza. A deep pan of pizza crust layered with cheese, roasted wild mushrooms, Esposito’s Italian Sausage and finished with our home made black pepper marinara. As New Yorkers, we all know that this isn’t pizza but delicious none the less.

esc02Ox Baker’s Finisher
Peanut butter cheesecake, chocolate ganache, pretzel crust

Drink Pairing: Greenport Black Duck Porter
Whats more American than apple pie, peanut butter and thumbing your nose at the Establishment? The best of both worlds comes together in this New York-style cheesecake. Hard pretzels and graham crackers make up the crust, peanut butter brings even more salty-sweetness, and all of it’s topped with a rich chocolate ganache.