Protein Bar Midori lime jello, watermelon, pineapple, coconut “snow” Snowpiercer (2014, Bong Joon Ho) | Buy Tickets

Life’s not too great onboard of the Snowpiercer, a supertrain that hosts the last remnants of humanity. A few years back we tried to fix global warming with some chemtrails, which had the unfortunate side effect of freezing¬†the place solid, and now, here we are, on board a nonstop train to nowhere eating blocks of black gunk made of God knows what. Things are different for the folks at the front of the train, they nosh on steak and sushi while they kick back in their nightclubs and get their hair did.

For our Snowpiecer food special, we could have gone the steak and sushi route, but we decided to stick with the folks stuck in the back of the train and eat blocks of jello. Our version isn’t as rank as its post-apocalyptic inspiration, as we’ve traded out bugs for lime jello on a bed of pineapple and watermelon.

See? If they rich guys at the front of the train had just made this instead of force-feeding everyone¬†horror-movie grub, maybe they wouldn’t have to deal with an insurrection every other week.

– Kris King (@KrisKingTornado)