The Deuce: King Kong (1976)
Thursday, September 11; 9:30pm | Buy Tickets

A lot of things have been called the Eighth Wonder of the World: Natural Bridge in Virginia; the Terra cotta Army in China; Andre the Giant. Wondrous brutes they are, none can hold a candle to the true Eighth Wonder, Kong a fearsome gigantic ape with a soft spot for the ladies.

The eighty-year-old ape is the crowned King of both Skull Island and Manhattan; and over the course of his bizarre film history he’s done battle with dinosaurs, airplanes, military choppers, Godzilla and a robot version of himself named Mechani-Kong.

Below, we’ve put together a large collection of posters chronicling Kong’s history, from his King-making 1933 appearance through his bizarre trek to Japan and then back through the gutter of trashy ’70s Manhattan

King Kong (1933)kong 33 10

kong 33 9 kong 33 8 kong 33 1 kong 33 3 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
kong 33 6 kong 33 4 Kong 33 2 kong 33

Son of Kong (1933)Son of Kong (1933) son_of_kong_poster_04 Son-of-Kong son-of-kong-lobby-card-e74ad4

King Kong Appears in Edo (1938)kong edo

King Kong vs. Godzilla (1962)king_kong_vs_godzilla_poster_01 kkvsg6king_kong_vs_godzilla_poster_06king_kong_vs_godzilla_poster_07

The King Kong Show (1966)kingkong-cell-3-104e5b1The-King-Kong-Show

King Kong Escapes (1967)0german_king_kong_escapes-64eac7king_kong_escapes_poster_03 king_kong_escapes_posterkingokongu-no-gyakushu-1967-001-eiffel-tower-battle-00n-bup KK-2mechanikong

King King (1976)king-kong-1976-movie-advertKingKongPosterKING-KONG-1976 King.Kong.1976.Pif.Gadget.Special.Poster.couverture Kong76 poster_04 (1)

King Kong Lives (1986)king_kong_lives_poster_01 KING-KONG-2 nYChcWqmbFVioDxD5vknS3lDwVf

King Kong (2005)iQYMVoI9QE2wQCOSrxhiBYd4v0w king_kong_ver5_xlg king-kong-2005 king-kong-poster