Like clockwork, the first cool, late summer breeze rolls through Brooklyn and everyone starts FREAKING OUT ABOUT FALL. Right now, it’s kind of an inter-season. A time when it’s chilly in the shade, so you dust off a jacket that’s too heavy, buy a pumpkin late and then march right out into the sun where it’s still 80 degrees. You may feel silly now, but rest assured, you won’t feel like the fool for long. It’s comin’, man. We’re already playing horror movies and coming up with new food. Fall is comin’ baby and it’s gonna be sweet.

Below we’ve put together a quick look at three new dishes from our fall menu, which is getting a head to toe revamp this weekend. New popcorn, new salads, new beers, new cocktails – the works. Check it out:


italian sausage, beef, sun-dried tomato marinara, gruyere, grilled bread
Espositos Italian Sausage and ground beef are mixed with egg and bread crumb, slow cooked in a marinara made with sun-dried tomatoes, red wine and sage. Three meatballs are baked with the marinara and topped with Gruyere cheese.

fooood 066

Boneless “Tempura” Chicken
tempura fried chicken, sweet potato puree, red eye gravy

Chicken breast is battered in a light but very crispy batter made with flour, corn starch, vodka and water. Served with a sweet potato puree (roasted whole and then pureed with butter, heavy cream and salt) and a red eye gravy.


Bratwurst and Polenta
beer braised Brooklyn Bangers bratwurst, chive polenta, arugula, red onion jam
Brooklyn Bangers bratwurst (a pork sausage from Germany spiced with nutmeg, ginger and black pepper) is cooked in beer then grilled and served with polenta and a red onion jam.