Reynolds As BanditLike a Trans Am ripping through the Alabama countryside or a canoe careening down a Georgia river, our Fall cocktail menu has arrived at the bar and it’s looking mighty handsome this year. Why is it more handsome than usual you’re wondering? Well, only because we’ve dedicated it to the finest¬†mustachioed gentleman to come out of Georgia since Rhett Butler: Burt Reynolds.

That’s right, all of our fancy¬†cocktails downstairs at the bar have been dedicated to the Bandit himself, and they’re strong enough that a couple will leave you whoopin’ like Hooper.

Below, our bar manager Nick Dodge has outlined three of the cocktails.


Evening Shade
Breukelyn Gin, chai infused Dolin Rouge, Fernet Branca
The Evening Shade was inspired by the Hanky Panky, A classic cocktail created at The American Bar in the Savoy Hotel, London, by Ada Coleman a pioneering female bartender. Our version includes a house infused chai vermouth that adds an autumnal depth to the classic.

Pierde Almas Mezcal, Aperol, ginger, pineapple, lime
This cocktail combines a West African ginger juice with a classic pairing of mezcal and Aperol. Smokey, sweet, spicy, bitter and tart are all in the balance. Bring your own mustache.

IMG_2326Cannonball Rum
Prymm Rum, lime, pistachio syrup, angostura
We had never heard of pistachio in a cocktail before. So we made one. Cannonball Rum; bad pun, good drink.