suspiriaSuspiria (1977, Dario Argento)
Friday, November 7 & Saturday, November 8; Midnite | 35mm | Buy Tickets
Last month, our two midnite screenings of Suspiria on 35mm sold out so quickly that we practically had people banging on the door for the chance to see the (awesome looking) print. So… we’re obliging them! Two more Suspiria midnites coming right up!

basketNitehawk Nasties: Basket Case (1982, Frank Henenlotter)
Friday, November 7 & Saturday, November 8; Midnite | Buy Tickets
When a new kids saunters into Times Square with nothing but a bit of cash and a hefty wicker basket to his name, the local skuzzballs he encounters in 80’s New York have one question on their minds: What’s in the basket? The answer is a little gross and it’s hungry.

fistfulCountry Brunchin’: A Fistful of Dollars (1964, Sergio Leone)
Saturday, November 8 & Sunday, November 9; Brunch | Buy Tickets
Sergio Leone’s spaghetti western version of Kurosawa’s Yojimbo, A Fistful of Dollars introduced the world to the legendary Man With No Name, who wanders into a town that’s been torn apart by an ongoing family feud. Never one to turn down a money making opportunity, the man plays the two sides against one-another, aiming to solve the town’s problems and make off with a solid pay day as well. This Country Brunchin’ presentation of A Fistful of Dollars will be preceded with a live pre-show performance by The TarantinosNYC.

cruelintentionsOh, The Drama!: Cruel Intentions (1999, Roger Kumble)
Saturday, November 8 & Sunday, November 9; Brunch | Buy Tickets
A trashy modern spin on Dangerous Liasons set in the money-flushed Upper East Side of the late 1990’s, Cruel Intentions set teenage hormones ablaze with its brazen sexuality and cast of sinister manipulators. With more twists than a Mexican soap opera, Cruel Intentions rarely takes the high road and the world’s a better place for it.

DraculaThe Deuce: Blood for Dracula (1974, Paul Morrissey)
Thursday, November 13; 9:30pm | 35mm | Buy Tickets
The spiritual sequel to Paul Morrissey’s Flesh for Frankenstein, Blood for Dracula is a tramped up spin on the Dracula legend that has the count caught in a bit of a pickle. You see, the sickly Dracula can only drink the blood of virgins, and these days, he’s finding it harder and harder to find a maiden who hasn’t tasted the fruit of earthly delights. Desperate and sickly, Dracula moves in on the four daughters of a wealthy farmer who seem to fit the bill, but with a strapping young gardener lingering in the picture, things aren’t looking good for maintaining the maidens’ virtue.  

killlistUK Modern Horror: Kill List (2011, Ben Wheatley)
Friday, November 14 & Saturday, November 15; Midnite | 35mm | Buy Tickets
We’re kicking off our November midnite series, UK Modern Horror, with one of the best British horror films of the last decade, Ben Wheatley’s brutal hit-man thriller, turned nutso cult piece Kill List.

killyouridolsMusic Driven: Kill Your Idols (2004, Scott Crary)
Friday, November 14 & Saturday, November 15; Midnite | Buy Tickets
Kill Your Idols chronicles the birth and growth of New York’s No Wave scene, a difficult but infectious genre, from its early days in the 1970s all the way up to its early 2000’s resurgence. Directly Scott Crary will be here for a Q&A both nights, and he’s bringing a host of hot acts with him: Members of Teenage Jesus & The Jerks, Liars, Foetus, SWANS, Black Dice, Flux Information Sciences and others are all expected to attend as well.

afterdarkSpoons, Toons and Booze
Saturday, November 15 & Sunday, November 16; Brunch | Buy Tickets
To be honest, the Thanksgiving themed Spoons Toons and Booze is already sold out. Both days. All the tickets. Poof, gone. As a matter of fact, they’re already going pretty fast for their Christmas Spectacular in December, so if you want to go… just buy December tickets now.

planesPlanes, Trains and Automobiles (1987, John Hughes)
Saturday, November 15 & Sunday, November 16; Brunch | Buy Tickets
Even though it’s pushing 30 years old, not much has changed about holiday travel since Planes, Trains and Automobiles. If anything it’s gotten worse. Look at all of that breezy security! Steve Martin and John Candy think they have it bad, but if this movie took place today the two of them would be locked in separate small rooms, being stared at through a two-way mirror by two stern men debating on whose cavity to search first (Steve Martin’s, obviously).

Shortsfestimage-sponsorlogos-MED6002Nitehawk Shorts Festival | Buy Tickets
It’s time for our second annual Shorts Festival, a celebration of short works created by filmmakers of all kinds: young upstarts, local filmmakers, established artistes (Harmony Korine, David Cronenberg). The festival takes place over several days, and includes a new Midnite program with shorts co-programmed by Fangoria’s Sam Zimmerman.

outpostUK Modern Horror: Outpost (2007, Steve Barker)
Friday, November 21 & Saturday, November 22; Midnite | 35mm | Buy Tickets
A gang of hardened mercs take on a mission from a mysterious benefactor (When will people learn to stop dealing with mysterious benefactors?), who leads them to a dilapidated bunker that’s been abandoned since the War. Once inside, the leathernecks discover that they are a far cry from the most dangerous gang in the countryside. Turns out, this ain’t no ordinary outpost.

privateidahoOh, The Drama!: My Own Private Idaho (1991, Gus Van Sant)
Saturday, November 22 & Sunday, November 23; Brunch | Buy Tickets
Loosely based on Shakespeare’s Henry IV, Parts I and II, the friendship between hustlers Mike and Scott on the streets dreamily unfolds in Van Sant’s 1990s classic dramatic independent film. The tough life of living on the streets of Portland, consuming drugs, and selling their bodies has different meanings for Mike and Scott. Mike, gay and narcoleptic, is in constant search of the mother who abandoned him while Scott, not gay and rebellious, is just biding his time before receiving his inheritance. Their personal journey begins as they leave Portland to Idaho and eventually Italy in search of Mike’s mom.

shockwavesOne Nite Only: Shock Waves (1977, Ken Wiederhorn)
Monday, November 24; 9:30pm | Buy Tickets
More Nazi zombies for you, this time in the Caribbean. In Shock Waves, a group of day trippers are stranded after their boat runs into a mysterious derelict. Once they reach a nearby island, they discover that they’ve stumbled on the final resting place for a band of undead amphibious zombies so deadly that even Hitler feared them! Director Ken Wiederhorn will be here for a Q&A following the film, moderated by Fangoria’s Sam Zimmerman.

doghouseUK Modern Horror: Doghouse (2009, Jake West)
Friday, November 28 & Saturday, November 29; Midnite | Buy Tickets
In this goopy horror-comedy, a gang of blokey mates head off for a debaucherous weekend in the country. They’re hoping to reconnect with their masculine roots, not… well, get chased around town by pissed off undead women.

childsplayChristmas Chopping: Child’s Play (1988, Tom Holland)
Friday, November 28 & Saturday, November 29; Midnite | 35mm | Buy Tickets
We’re heading to the Mall for our December midnite series, picking up a few items that are sure to wake up in the middle of the night and murder us in our sleep. First up, Child’s Play, the debut of horror’s littlest icon, presented in 35mm.

prettyinpinkOh, The Drama!: Pretty in Pink (1986, Howard Deutch)
Saturday, November 29 & Sunday, November 30; Brunch | Buy Tickets
Our favorite love triangle: misfit Duckie loves Andie but she’s got it bad for rich boy Blane. Will the social divides so prominent in high school ruin everyone’s chances for love? Will Andie feel pretty in pink? Will Duckie get the girl even though he’s definitely kind of a pining weenie? FIND OUT.

die hardAll You Want For X-Mas: Die Hard (1988, John McTiernan)
Saturday, November 29 & Sunday, November 30; Brunch | Buy Tickets
With Thanksgiving out of the way, we’re breaking out our Christmas Brunch series; and in the spirit of giving, we’re going for big, juicy low hanging fruitcake. First up, the best in yuletide action-adventure: John McTiernan’s Die Hard.