We’ve made things even bigger this year at Nitehawk’s second annual Shorts Festival, adding a new midnite screening of twisted, darker and challenging fair that’s appropriate for the hour. While the rest of the filmmakers participating in Shorts Fest will have their chance to shine at post-screening Q&A’s, the late night crowd won’t get the chance.

But! These guys deserve to be heard too, so we reached out to some of our Shorts Fest Midnite participants to talk about their projects, what to expect, and their favorite late night movie experiences.


Short: Study for Interior with Figures and Sounds
Filmmaker: Rick Niebe

1. How did your film come about?
I just did it! I started to play with this XXX vintage video, working with a subtraction and isolation of elements. Then I mixed the soundtrack. It’s based on silence and background sounds of other movies, and a TV announcement too. At last, I found a bootleg recording of an improvisation by Arto Lindsay in Paris, a musician I really like very much.

2. What was your inspiration for this project?
I’ve always found [myself] very [attracted to] the backgrounds of 70’s erotic movies (furnitures, paintings, wallpapers). Maybe it’s some kind of peculiar perversion…

3. What’s the best story from your shoot?
Well, I work with the cutting, so there’s not much to say about ‘shooting.’ But the TV announcement with those images sounds quite amusing in [Italian].

4. What’s next for you? Do you have anything you’re working on that you’d like to talk about?
Now I’m working on some projects of ‘vandalistic video collage’ based on various teleplays.

5. What’s your favorite midnite movie experience?
I still remember the old ‘End of Transmission’ jingle from Italian TV. One of the most terrifying things I had ever seen when I was a child. It still scares me! I realize that… that kind of experience is gone [because of] the possibility to record things on TV… All of my recent midnite movie experiences are based on internet.