The air’s grown crisp, it gets dark at 3:30¬†and, oh God, it’s going to start snowing soon. All of this means that it’s time to cycle out all those Autumn goodies in favor of earthy, comforting winter fair: peppery radishes, sweet butternut squash, and, to hell with it, let’s put candy canes in the popcorn. Tis the season! Sneak peek below.


Seasonal Popcorn
candy cane, white chocolate
We flavor butter with peppermint extract and toss that with out popcorn and then top it with white chocolate chips. Near the end the candy cane bits and chocolate collect at the bottom with the remnants of the butter, and it’s very tempting to eat it with a spoon.


Farro and Brussels Sprouts Salad
Farro, an Itaian grain, is cooked and cooled and then tossed with baby arugula, candy cane beets (cool looking, huh?), red onion and a vinaigrette made from blood orange, lemon, whole grain mustard and oil.


Kale Salad
Lacianto Kale is cut and massaged with a white balsamic vinaigrette and topped with butternut squash that has been roasted with thyme and smoked almonds.


Bistro Steak Sandwich
arugula, smoked almond romesco, focaccia
A tender cut of meat called a petit filet is cooked ot medium rare and served on foccacia along with baby argula and punchy romesco sauce made with guajillo peppers.


Grilled Chicken Sandwich
goat cheese, sage and walnut pesto, focaccia
Chicken breast is seasoned with lemon and sage then grilled. Served on foccacia and topped with goat cheese and a house prepped sage and walnut pesto. Nice bright flavor made all creamy with the help of the goat cheese.