Afternoon, everybody. We pass around a lot of links behind the scenes at Nitehawk because we’re nerds and that’s what nerds do. So for this first round-up we have badass rides in Japan, the cult of Clue and John Waters perverting the youth.

#GoodIdeas Friend of Nitehawk, Fred Schoenfeld, who owns the beautiful dine-in theater The Commodore in Portsmouth, Va, is trying to drum up support for his next theater renovation project: reviving the dilapidated Afton Theater located in an overlooked and poor section of Portsmouth called Cradock. Deserves some good vibrations, because the local press isn’t giving any. (Via The Virginian Pilot)

Whodunnit? Clue’s journey from box office poison to beloved cult comedy. Features interviews with John Landis, director Jonathan Lynn and most of the cast. (Via Buzzfeed)

AHHHH! Universal Studios Japan creates 4D themed rides for four badass nerd epics Attack on Titan, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Resident Evil & Monster Hunter. What’s it like to get bitten in half by giant? Find out in Japan. (Via Japan Today)

NSFW! Larry Clark’s sex crazed kids return to our screens (The Smell of Us trailer) (Via i-D Magazine)

GENIUS! Kids reading Pink Flamingos with John Waters (Via T Magazine/New York Times)