We’re screening Nicolas Winding Refn’s Bronson as part of our I’ll Kick Your Ass midnite series, and, as you may well know, it features one of the best male nude scenes in history. Hello! Thomas Hardy really puts it all out there so we thought we’d do the same by mentioning some of our favorite full frontals in feature films…

easternpromises_logoViggo Mortensen – Eastern Promises (2007)
Russian. Tattooed. Naked. Knife fight. The end.

trainspotting_logoEwan McGregor – Trainspotting (1996)
Dude gets naked a lot but Renton’s leaping post-coital lizards is a favorite.

wildthings_logoKevin Bacon – Wild Things (1998)
There’s a joke to be made about the six degrees of Kevin’s bacon in this shower scene but we won’t touch it with a six foot pole.

bad lieu_logoHarvey Keitel – Bad Lieutenant (1992)
Love Keitel being all naked and crying, talk about vulnerable.

gigalo_logoRichard Gere – American Gigolo (1980)
Three cheers to Gere for being authentic to his prostitute character on the, ahem, big screen.

shame_logoMichael Fassbender – Shame (2011)
This movie is anything but sexy however Fassbender’s inhibition is quite admirable.