The Deuce: Sharky’s Machine (1981, Burt Reynolds)
Thursday, February 12; 9:30pm | 35mm | Buy Tickets

The 80s were kind of a mixed bag for ol’ Burt Reynolds. He worked consistently, which is always a plus, but he spent most of the decade slumming in in low-rent thrillers, cheap romantic comedies and dumb-as-hell Hal Needham movies. The result of Burt’s decade of hard work is something of a marvel when you condense it all down to just the one-sheets. Behold a decade’s worth of cheap skirts bound for soap opera stardom, every type of mustache you can think of, and a hairline that’s in full on retreat.

Rough Cut (1980)

Smokey and the Bandit II (1980)

The Cannonball Run (1981)

Paternity (1981)

Sharky’s Machine (1981)
nVdZoUiQoweiIZfyMVjhEMhYgZqThe Best Little Whorehouse in Texas (1982)
best little whorehouseBest Friends (1982)
2918Stroker Ace (1983)
The Man Who Loved Women (1983)
man_who_loved_women_ver2Cannonball Run II (1984)
Cannonball_Run_2_100811_XLCity Heat (1984)
City_Heat_XLStick (1985)3117

Heat (1986)
heatMalone (1987)
maloneRent-A-Cop (1987)
rent a copSwitching Channels (1988)
Switching ChannelsPhysical Evidence (1989)
physical evidence - cinema quad movie poster (2).jpg