We’re cracking a champagne bottle on Lo-Res, a bar and screening room located on the groundfloor at Nitehawk Cinema.¬†Lo-Res features content beamed directly from Nitehawk’s extensive VHS Vault¬†throughout the day and long into the night on its retro TVs. More important than obsolete media though, are the bar’s choice selection of beers, whiskey, food and specialty cocktails.

Below, Nitehawk’s beverage director, Matt Walker, takes us through a few of the cocktails he and his team put together for the bar’s inaugural season – all of them named for their B-Movie spirit animals.

Buckaroo BanzaiFive Deadly Venoms
Breuckelen NY Wheat Whiskey, Carpano Dry Vermouth, Luxar do Maraschino Liquer, Ramazzoti Amaro, Angostura Bitters

We’ve been barrel aging classic cocktails at Nitehawk for years, but we’ve never barrel aged one of our originals. This one is based on the Brooklyn cocktail but using Ramazzotti Amaro and Breuckelen’s delicious wheat whiskey instead of rye, then we aged it for six weeks in a seasoned rye whiskey barrel. We honestly had no idea how it would taste when it came out of the barrel, so we were pretty happy to find out it’s a glass full of heaven.

Five Deadly VenomsBuckaroo Banzai
Breuckelen Glorious Barrel Aged Gin, plum and basil shrub, fresh lemon, soda water

One of our Senior Bartenders, Joe P, came up with this cocktail. It uses a gin that’s been aged in oak barrels, a vinegar syrup called a shrub that’s flavored with plum and basil, and soda water. I can’t wait for some warm days ahead when I can put back a handful of these in an afternoon and fall asleep on a park bench.

unnamed-3The Serpent and the Rainbow
Ballast Point Three Sheets Aged Rum, Tequila Ocho Plata, Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur, house made falernum, fresh lime, Devil’s Larder Yuzu Bitters

Falernum is a classic tiki syrup made from high proof rum, ginger, clove, and almond, and this cocktail is a great showcase for it. We’re using a recipe that my partner in beverage crimes, Nicky Dodge, came up with. Along with the falernum, it has barrel aged rum from Ballast Point, single estate Tequila, maraschino liqueur, fresh lime juice, and yuzu bitters. It’s another great warm weather drink. Bring on the summer!!!!!

unnamed-1From Beyond
Machu Pisco, Lairds 100 Proof Apple Brandy, house made grenadine, fresh lime, egg white, Fee Brothers Black Walnut Bitters

Some people are scared of egg whites in their cocktail but it’s as safe as can be. Statistically you’re four times more likely to choke to death on bar nuts than you are to get ill from a fresh egg, and they add an amazing consistency to a drink you can’t get with anything else. For this one we’re using Llairds 100 Proof Apple Brandy, Pisco, house made grenadine, fresh lemon juice, and black walnut bitters. I think it’s one of the best drinks we’ve every made.