Finally! Summertime, baby! The winds of winter have blown their last, and all the little trees and flowers have stopped blowing their horrible allergens into the air, and we can allĀ just pause for a second and get some sun on our collective faces… and then go see a movie. Our chef Kurt Applegate and his team have put together a menu for the season, and below the man himself takes us through a few of the new fresh cuts.

IwsrIzLl4jzBhi8wYJgi_hdNwhFoyr-o_RjvmqCo-zM“The Vince”
truffle butter, sriracha, chipotle, lime, citric salt
This spicy little number was concocted by one of our talented Expeditors, Vincent Rivera. He’s around the popcorn and their ingredients all the time. So, like any popcorn mad scientist would do, he decided to throw everything into a bowl just to see what happens. Vince thought it was pretty good, but the only thing that he thought could make it better was sriracha. Afterwards the entire staff at Nitehawk became addicted to it so, naturally, we just had to put it on the menu.

grilled artichokes, mixed olives, baby arugula, black pepper ricotta
Summer’s finally here, so I decided to lighten things up a bit. Using our own, carefully made, flatbread, we smother it with peppery ricotta that’s brightened up with some lemon zest. Top it off with some grilled artichokes and sliced olives and then pop it in the oven. After it’s nice and crispy we take it out of the oven and finish it off with some crispy baby arugula. Come enjoy one in our outdoor seating with a glass of RoseĀ“ and pretend you’re at a sidewalk cafe in Provence.

Photo Jun 30, 5 00 01 PMGrilled Chicken Sandwich
roasted red peppers, arugula pesto, goat cheese, rosemary foccaccia
The Mexican Flag? The Italian Flag? Christmas in June? A lot of thoughts pop into my head when i see this sandwich and its radiant red, bright green and super white color scheme. But, mostly I just think about how delicious of a sandwich it is. Simple, balanced flavors make this one shine.

Photo Jun 30, 5 02 04 PM

Steak Torta
petit filet, romaine, herbed tomato, guacamole, pickled red onion, focaccia, house cut fries or salad
My good friend and Executive Sous Chef, Gregory Barrera is originally from southern Los Angeles, California. Let’s just say he knows his way around a torta. So, we put our heads together to bring you this flavor packed sandwich . When you put grilled petit filet, chopped romaine, sliced beefsteak tomato marinated in chimichurri, our own pickled red onions and guacamole on warm focaccia, you are left with a sandwich so heavenly you’ll be watching more movies with us.