This summer, Nitehawk got together with the kids at BuzzFeed for Throwback Theater a series of outdoor screenings at 50 Kent that included BILLY MADISON with Blue Point Brewing Co. and  MALLRATS with director Kevin Smith coming in for a Q&A before the show. Word spread fast, and the line snaked around the block as the hot August sun gave way to a cool summer evening. With over 2000 people in attendance, all lubed up on beer and burritos, Smith talked Star Wars (‘natch), the upcoming Mallrats 2 (“Die Hard in a mall”) and whether he or Ben Affleck make a better Batman. According to Smith, this was easily the largest crowd for a Mallrats screening of all time — so cover that pretzel in chocolate and eat it.

Pics below. Shout out to the people who helped make it happen: Bell’s Brewery and Reyka Vodka for the hangover fuel; and Best Buds Burritos, The Meat HookLandhaus, Odd Fellows Ice Cream, Luzzo’s for making up the best mall foodcourt of all time.

Photos: Michelle McSwain