Weekdays at 3:30pm on Channel 31 is a time slot that means only one thing to a certain generation of New York hip-hop heads: Video Music Box, a locally produced music video and interview showcase produced by Brooklyn native Ralph McDaniels.

McDaniels kept Video Music Box on the crest of the New York hip hop wave, going deep into the scene with live recordings of heavy hitters like Nas, Biggie, Jay-Z and The Wu-Tang Clan, while they were all teenagers living on a hope and a dream. In the 30 years that McDaniels has produced Video Music Box, he’s amassed a one-of-a-kind library of interviews, concert footage and music videos chronicling the growth of hip hop from party rockers into a world wide phenomenon.

Nitehawk’s Music Driven series and Mass Appeal invited McDaniels to share a taste of his massive collection and talk about his career in television and music video directing. Moderating the Q&A is another New York City legend and a long time friend of McDaniels, Kool DJ Red Alert. The pair went on for over 40 minutes about the development of Video Music Box, its importance to the hip hop landscape and the legacy of McDaniels’s library.

Below we have a taste of the Q&A.