Daytime Schedule

hqdefault-3Vertigo (1958) – Maybe you’ve heard of it.

hqdefault-2Ramones Shock Treatment – Gimme-gimme shock treatment Gimme-gimme shock treatment Gimme-gimme shock treatment I wanna-wanna shock treatment

1239269576_2Max Fleischer’s Superman (1941) – Well animated Golden-era Superman cartoon that’s kind of racist sometimes. Grandparents, right?

ohgod12-jpegOh God You Devil (1984) – George Burns is God. George Burns is Satan.

4179116_l2Louis Theroux’s Weird Weekends – Militias (1998) – Like spending a week with my uncle, who is an insane crackpot, but who makes great baked beans and lets you play with guns.

strangeshadows1Strange Shadows in an Empty Room (1976) – Italian movie about a killer Canadian starring “Action” John Saxon

tumblr_n0r87hrq7b1s2b3pko1_500Sailor Moon – Sailor Moon and crew fight an evil photographer who is kidnapping models with his tractor beam camera.

hqdefault-1How High (2001) – Method Man and Redman get into Harvard because they smoked some magic weed. They also dig up John Adams and smoke him too.

hqdefaultGrafcore – An underground video zine dedicated to the NYC graffiti scene in the late 90s

_35Point of No Return (1993) – Bridget Fonda is a violent druggie who gets turned into a violent druggie assassin.

After Hours

img_0236The Brain (1988) – Some TV network is using a gigantic brain to brainwash people, but then the brain grows a face and starts eating people and then breaks free and what is this?

ozzysoldsoulsWe Sold Our Souls For Rock N Roll (2001) – Penelope Spheeris doc about the 1999 Ozfest, which was the shit.

human-beasts-2Human Beasts (1980) – A Yakuza contract killer steals some diamonds and hides out in Spain. Japanese assassins and old fashioned yokel psychos are out to kill him.

performancePerformance (1970) – Hey, Mick Jagger can act