Every week in Lo-Res Bar, we screen a selection of bootlegs, horror flicks, art docs and whatever else we can dig up from Nitehawk’s legendary VHS Vault.

Week of June 9, 2017

Day (Open – 9pm)

Preview Channel (2001) Oh hey, JAG is on.

Sailor Moon – Sailors Uranus and Neptune aren’t lesbians, no, they’re “cousins.”

Batman: The Movie (1966) – The one with the Batman brand shark repellent.

Maya Deren Dance Films – Some tapes are classy tapes. This is one of them.

MST3K, “Chickens of Tomorrow” – “The deadly battle against the Chicken of Today!”

Bigfoot (1970) – Bigfoot kidnaps the wrong bikers’ girlfriends!

Firm Fannies (1989) – It only takes 12-minutes to make your fanny super firm

Carnival in Flanders (1935) – Spain invades Flanders and everyone is wearing frills

Magical Mystery Tour (1967) – The Beatles ride around on a bus and call it a movie

After Hours (9pm – Close)

The Invisible Dead (1970) – The good thing about invisible monsters is that they’re free

Waxwork (1988) – What’s the difference between a normal wax museum & an evil one?

Last Resort (1986) – A Fyre Festival situation, but w/ Charles Grodin instead of Ja Rule

N64 Promotional Video – Let’s play Wave Race 64

Ninja Kids (1986) – This must be mislabeled, there’s way more nudity than ninja kids.