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Poster for 200 Cigarettes
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200 Cigarettes

Director: Risa Bramon Garcia Run Time: 101 min. Format: Digital Rating: R Release Year: 1999

Starring:  Casey Affleck,  Christina Ricci,  Courtney Love,  Dave Chappelle,  Elvis Costello,  Gaby Hoffmann,  Janeane Garofalo,  Jay Mohr, Ben Affleck, Kate Hudson, Martha Plimpton, Paul Rudd

Celebrate the new year by going back in time with our brunch screening of 200 CIGARETTES!

We all know that making the most out of New Year’s Eve is an annual exercise in torment but for the characters in 200 Cigarettes, their NYE is one for the books. Set in New York in 1981, this comedy film highlights all the fears-of-missing-out associated with ringing in the new year: not having a date, not liking the date you have, throwing a party that no one attends, and never finding the party! The film’s laughs and killer soundtrack are the perfect way to relax before your NYE kicks in. Plus, Elvis Costello!

Part of Nitehawk’s 2014 NEW YEAR’S WEEKEND screenings.