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Poster for 3 Women

3 Women

Director: Robert Altman Run Time: 124 min. Format: DCP Rating: PG Release Year: 1977

Starring:  Janice Rule,  Robert Fortier,  Sissy Spacek, Shelley Duvall

Nitehawk presents a special one night screening with Abrams Books of Robert Altman’s 3 WOMEN in celebration of the new book Altman. 

Book signing with authors Kathryn Reed Altman and Giulia D’Agnolo Vallan before the screening from 8pm-9pm in our Lo-Res Bar with copies of Altman available for sale. Altman and Vallan will also introduce the film!

3 Women is one of Robert Altman’s most beautiful-looking and personal films. It is the story of three women: Millie (Shelley Duvall) and Pinky (Sissy Spacek) are attendants at the Desert Hot Springs spa, where they help older patients in and out of mineral baths. The first is self-absorbed and self-assured to the point of delusion. The second, meek and inexperienced, appears smitten by her friend’s poise. Willie (Janice Rule) paints eerie creates on the bottom of the pool and is pregnant. The main male character of the film is her husband, Edgar (Robert Fortier). According to Altman, amid this strange triangle of shifting female identities, the macho, boozing, womanizing Edgar is sort of a “last man on earth.” – excerpt from Altman.

In the new book, Altman, the Altman estate opens its archive to celebrate his extraordinary life and career in the first authorized visual biography on the iconoclastic director. Altman by Altman’s widow, Kathryn Reed Altman, and film critic Giulia D’Agnolo Vallan—brims with photographs and ephemera culled from private family albums, as well as from a vast collection of previously unpublished images taken on the sets of his films. Alongside the intimate illustrated story is a complete visual, historical, and critical narrative of Altman’s work and his process. Altman also features contributions by Frank Barhydt, E. L. Doctorow, Roger Ebert, Jules Feiffer, Julian Fellowes, James Franco, Tess Gallagher, Pauline Kael, Garrison Keillor, Michael Murphy, Martin Scorsese, Lily Tomlin, Alan Rudolph, Michael Tolkin, and Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

Nitehawk is also screening Wes Anderson’s THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL on February 19 in conjunction with the release of Matt Zoller Seitz’s new book on the film.