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Poster for 42nd Street
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42nd Street

Director: Lloyd Bacon Run Time: 89 min. Format: 35mm Rating: NR Release Year: 1933

Starring: Ruby Keeler, RUBY Keeler, RUBY KEELER! RUBY! KEEEEELER!! and: Walter Baxter, Bebe Daniels, Una Merkel, Guy Kibbee, Dick Powell, Ginger Rogers

This December! Come and meet those dancin’ feet! On The Deuce! The movie named after the street for which we do this whole dog-and-pony show! A bona-fide classic in your favorite bozo-hosted setting – as only The Deuce can do it! 42ND STREET!!

A Broadway director on his last dollar and last legs makes a last attempt to turn the show-world on its head with what he promises will be the biggest bestest production The Great White Way has witnessed… sugar-daddies, disillusioned leading ladies, taskmaster stage-managers, gold-diggers and Anytime Annie’s.. and the novice waiting in the wings…

Canadian-born, NYC transplant Ruby Keeler at her most endearing in her break-out movie role as the archetypical ingenue whose big break via a big break propels her into overnight and much-merited stardom! Hoofin’ it like a heifer and warbling like a Bronx blackbird! In other words: INCREDIBLE!! Just… the best! Keeler’s command of the film’s pinnacle titular 20-minute Busby Berkeley number KILLS!! Jaw-on-the-floor fantastic movie-magic!!

The first in a whole slew of Warner Bros. Broadway-set Depression-era musical bonanzas – a template film that pushed the medium of movie-makin’ into extra large! Seeing it on the big-screen will leave you literally breathless – a Deuce promise!!

Obviously a movie so named would make big use of the moniker come premiere time – for which – centered around its Strand Theatre opening – 42nd Street turned the totality of Times Square into its own party-zone… as will The Deuce!! Don’t miss the party of the year, Deuce-dopes!!