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Poster for 555


Director: Andrew DeYoung Run Time: 60 min. Format: Digital Rating: NR Release Year: 2017

Starring: John Early, Kate Berlant

Nitehawk and Vimeo present the New York premiere of “555,” with creators Kate Berlant, John Early and Andrew DeYoung in person!

From the minds of Kate Berlant, John Early and Andrew DeYoung, “555” is an anthology miniseries of five short films that unfold in a stark, humid, surreality of Hollywood. These short, cinematic fairy tales are set in tinsel town, where status is everything and the stakes are high.

The backdrop is big dreams, and in the foreground, the humiliations of clawing one’s way toward them. Each episode focuses on a fraught relationship between two characters, where ambition prevails over empathy. Among the wildly varied characters: a young Mama Rose type and her mute child, two sensual but ignorant acting students, an agent turned artist by tragedy and his partner who must watch his grotesque fall. Each episode zooms in on characters toiling in different corners of a Hollywood hellscape. Will greed, egotism, ignorance and desire consume them? Or can they escape dark fates by clinging to rare moments of tenderness?