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Poster for A Night to Dismember
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A Night to Dismember

Director: Doris Wishman Run Time: 69 min. Format: Digital Rating: NR Release Year: 1983

Starring: Diane Cummins, Miriam Meth, Samantha Fox, saul Meth

Exploitation pioneer Doris Wishman makes the move from nudies to slasher with A NIGHT TO DISMEMBER.

A mondo splatterfest from cult director Doris Wishman, A Night to Dismember chronicles a single bloody night in the life of the only remaining member of a cursed family. Production began for the film after Wishman witnessed the runaway success of Halloween and its imitators – smelling money in the air, the seasoned director hopped on the slasher bandwagon, casting porn actress Samantha Fox in the lead. Troubled from the get go, bankruptcy caused the project’s film lab to shut down and over half of the film ended up in the dumpster. Ever vigilant, Wishman finished her frankenfilm with reshoots and overdubs, amounting in a bizarro slasher mess for the ages.

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