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Poster for A Nite to Dismember 2016

A Nite to Dismember 2016

Director: Babak Anvari, Edgar Ulmer, Joe Augustyn, John Hough, William Friedkin Run Time: 480 min. Format: 35mm and DCP Rating: R

Nitehawk’s fourth annual Halloween screening A NITE TO DISMEMBER spends all-night in a HOUSE OF HORRORS!

Nitehawk cordially invites you into our terrifying home as we host the ultimate classic old-school Halloween party this year, A NITE TO DISMEMBER: HOUSE OF HORRORS.Starting at midnight and continuing until after dawn, we’ll screen some of the scariest haunted house films past and present: The Exorcist, The Black Cat, The Legend of Hell House, and Night of the Demons (all presented on 35mm!) along with the best ghost story of 2016, Babak Anvari’s Under the Shadow!

As we do each year at A NITE TO DISMEMBER, there will be a costume contest and trivia (with prizes courtesy of Shudder) along with a some short horror films. Those who survive the nite with receive a complimentary Nitehawk breakfast (eggs and tots!), themed gift bags, and a discounted fare from Lyft. But wait, there’s more…there’s a photo-booth with The Bosco and we’ve got you covered on the drink front with complimentary coffee from Fazenda Coffee and sweets from our neighbor SweetHaus! Your official hosts for the evening, Shudder’s Sam Zimmerman and Nitehawk’s Kris King and Caryn Coleman, will protect you from the ghosts, demons, and devils that await your arrival.

Nitehawk will also host a haunted house pre-party in Lo-Res Bar before A Nite to Dismember (11pm – 12am) featuring Jameson Irish Whiskey. Attendees can present their ticket for a complimentary beverage treat.

Forget trick-or-treating, spend the nite with us!

FILMS (in order of screening)…

nite2016-theexorcistTHE EXORCIST (William Friedkin, 1973)

The power of Christ compels you…
One of the scariest movies you’ll ever see, The Exorcist continues to terrify audiences and influence films more than forty years after its release. A shocker of visuals and theme since its release, the tale a young girl inhabited by an evil entity and her actress/single-mother’s frantic search to fix her along with two priests, one full of faith and the other questioning, hits us where it hurts most…the home.

nite2016-theblackcatTHE BLACK CAT (Edgar Ulmer, 1934)
Supernatural, perhaps. Baloney, perhaps not. There are many things under the sun.
Out of a prison camp and joined by two American newlyweds, Dr. Vitus Werdegast returns to the home of Hjalmar Poelzig to seek his revenge. It’s a shocker based on an Edgar Allen Poe story complete with incest, Satanism, necrophilia, and murder starring two horror icons, Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff, battling against each other in an imposing architectural moment on top of the dead.

nite2016-undertheshadowUNDER THE SHADOW (Babak Anvari, 2016)

They’ll always know how to find you.
Set in Tehran at the tail end of the Iran-Iraq war, Banak Anvair’s brilliant debut feature film Under the Shadow is a terrifying mix of the real threat religious/political agenda with the supernatural threat of djinn (ghosts). A woman and her daughter remain in a crumbling apartment complex when her husband leaves for the front line. We see that her decision to leave the sanctuary of home post-revolution Iran is personally, and politically, a difficult endeavor.

nite-hellhouseTHE LEGEND OF HELL HOUSE (John Hough, 1974)
This house… It knows we’re here.
A perfect 1970s ghost story about a serial killer so angered by his shortcomings that he and his victims continue to haunt the infamous Belasco House. So, when scientist Lionel Barrett leads a special team of a spiritualist, a psychic medium, and his wife to uncover the truth about the home’s haunting, they’re in for some truly strange experiences. The Legend of Hell House is a naughty haunted romp that’s perfectly overacted (and even includes a ghost trap!).

nite2016-nightofthedemonsNIGHT OF THE DEMONS (Joe Augustyn, 1988) 35mm
I’ve heard stories about this place ever since I was a kid. The Hull Family met a pretty gruesome end, didn’t they?
We end the night with a real Halloween tale. Set in an abandoned funeral parlor, the Hull House, ten teenagers awaken an evil force during a seance. From then on, the released demonic spirits keep them from leaving and, naturally, turn their little soiree into a living hell. We can’t say for sure this won’t happen to all of us at Nitehawk but it’ll surely be a Nite to Dismember!




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