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Poster for A Nite to Dismember
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A Nite to Dismember

Director: George Romero, John Landis, Sidney Hayers, Tom Holland Run Time: 600 min. Rating: R

A celebration of Halloween with an overnight horror film fest!

A Nite to Dismember is Nitehawk’s first overnight screening event celebrating a genre near-and-dear to our hearts…HORROR! Join us and our hosts SAM ZIMMERMAN from Fangoria and Nitehawk’s own KRIS KING on Halloween night (10pm until 8am) as we show five horror cinema classics that each touch upon well-loved themes: the werewolf, the witch, the vampire, the slasher, and the zombie.

Between each movie will be creepy montages, costume contests and horror movie trivia (with prizes by such awesome people as Shout Factory), the short film Jack Attack by Bryan Norton and Antonio Padoran, along with other grindhouse throwbacks.

Plus, our bar will be open really late and will feature cocktails like THERE WILL BE BLOOD and GORILLA CARNAGE. AND you get free popcorn, coffee, and self-serve breakfast (scrambled eggs and bacon) in the morning!

Forget trick-or-treating, spend the nite with us!

FILMS (in order of screening)…
americanwerewolf-thumbAmerican Werewolf in London
(John Landis, 1981). DCP.

A backpacking trip through England gets hairy when one friend gets killed by a werewolf while the other turns into one. With amazing special effects and slight comedic undertones, this is John Landis’ at his horror best. Beware the moors!

burnwitch-thumbBurn Witch Burn (Sidney Hayers, 1962). 35mm.
A college professor’s wife dabblings into magic and witchcraft are enacted to protect him from his intellectual colleagues. He doesn’t believe it at first but then the devil becomes all too real in this underrated 1960s horror film.

frightnight-thumbFright Night (Tom Holland, 1985). DCP.
A vampire moves into a suburban neighborhood and the only people who notice are the kids next door (and those he’s killing). Fright Night is a late-night movie adventure that has heart…and Chris Sarandon’s dad sweater.

burning-thumbThe Burning (Tony Maylam, 1981). 35mm.
Ah, the camp slasher movie is always a delight. Featuring “Cropsy” and a bunch of “before they were star actors” like Helen Hunt, Jason Alexander, and Fisher Stevens (with a script written by Harvey Weinstein), The Burning has all the boobs and blood you could want.

dawn-thumbDawn of the Dead (George Romero, 1978). Digital.
The quintessential horror film on capitalism and patriarchy (our own zombie existence). Four people flee the ongoing zombie outbreak into a shopping mall center where things are fine at first but, as Romero always give us, people are the ones who should be feared the most.

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