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Poster for Addicted to Murder

Addicted to Murder

Director: Kevin J. Lindenmuth Run Time: 90 min. Format: DCP Rating: NR Release Year: 1995

Starring: Mick McCleery, Laura McLauchlin, Sasha Graham, Bernadette Pauley, Candice Meade

After witnessing a beautiful vampire feeding on a victim, a young man begins a life-long relationship with the bloodsucker and is groomed by her to commit horrible acts of murder and torture on her, slowly turning him into a serial killer who stalks the New York City streets with an insatiable appetite for both love and gruesome slaughter.

Always one to elevate the genre he is working in, and SOV films of the era in general, director Kevin J. Lindenmuth takes drained to death vampire tropes and steers them into new twisted territory, successfully adding some refreshing cerebral layers to pair with the stabbings, beheadings and chainsaw kills found in its run time. These thematic moves quickly separated Lindenmuth from many of his contemporaries, not only helping land Addicted to Murder into Blockbuster stores nationwide but spawning two direct sequels that deliver equal sanguine goods.