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Poster for All This Panic

All This Panic

Director: Jenny Gage Run Time: 80 min. Format: DCP Rating: NR Release Year: 2016

ALL THIS PANIC takes an intimate look at the interior lives of seven teenage girls as they come of age in New York City.

Q&A with filmmakers Jenny Gage and Tom Betterton following the screening.

A potent mix of high art portraiture and vérité, All this Panic follow the girls as they navigate the ephemeral and fleeting transition between childhood and adulthood. Shot over a three-year period in a lush and cinematic style, all this panic is a meditation on the mysterious, often painful, yet ultimately exhilarating period of a teen’s life. In a world where, as one teen remarks ‘they want to see us, but they don’t want to hear us’ this film is comprised entirely of young women speaking to their own experiences.