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Director: Robert Vincent O'Neil Run Time: 94 min. Format: 35mm Rating: R Release Year: 1984

Starring: Donna Wilkes, Cliff Gorman, Susan Tyrrell, Dick Shawn, Rory Calhoun

A video store staple of the mid-to-late 1980s, the box cover of Angel was alluring with its dual images of its lead: she’s a school girl by day (pigtails, knee socks) and street walker by night (hot pants, high heels)! Herein lies the story of Molly, aka Angel (Donna Wilkes), a 15 year old who excels in school and maintains a secret lifestyle, taking care of herself as a sex worker since both her parents split. Although she’s in good company with her chosen family, a serial killer is targeting Hollywood Boulevard, creeping ever closer to Angel.

Ignore, if you will, the afterschool special tinged moralizing and you’ll find sweetness amongst the sleaze, with a trio of lovable weirdos surrounding Angel played by legends Rory Calhoun, Dick Shawn and the inimitable Susan Tyrrell, growling and scuzzy with her spiky bleached hair and jagged black scrawled on eyebrows.