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Army of Darkness

Director: Sam Raimi Run Time: 81 min. Format: DCP Rating: R Release Year: 1992

Starring: Bruce Campbell, Embeth Davidtz, Marcus Gilbert

Nitehawk Cinema Presents: Army of Darkness 
Beer, Dinner and a Movie with Founders Brewing Co.

Shop Smart, Shop S-Mart! Handsome hero Ash battles another army of the dead (this time in 1300 AD) in this brilliantly funny final installment of Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead trilogy.

For Nitehawk’s May Beer, Dinner and a Movie, we’ve teamed up with Founders Brewing Co. to present Army of Darkness. This screening will include select delicious Founders drafts paired with a food menu inspired by the film. The best part? You’ll be served each course during the specific moments that inspired the film so you can experience edible sensations while watching the action unfold on-screen!

At the end of Evil Dead 2 we saw our beloved Ash (sans hand but still alive) get sucked into a swirling time-travel vortex that landed him and his Oldsmobile all the way back in 1300 AD. Army of Darkness picks up from this point as Ash becomes a slave-then-hero to the medieval masses as he and his “boomstick” have to, once again, battle the dead. The Necronomicon is back too as the tome that has the power to send Ash back home but it also continues to do what it does best: unearth those pesky dead. Hilarious, gory, and full of comic book-style special effects and brilliant one-liners, Army of Darkness is one of the true delights in horror. Hail to the King!

MENU with Beer Pairings by Founders Brewery

Solo Beer: Intro
Beer: Pale Ale

Course 1: Ash’s Hand
Claws and Hands
lobster, sorrel, buddha’s hand vinaigrette,
Beer pairing: Dirty Bastard

Course 2: Ash vs. Evil Ash
Duo of Beef
short rib, hanger, pomme puree, carrot puree
Beer pairing: Double Trouble

Course 3: Darkness Approaches
Dark Chocolate Cheesecake
Beer pairing: Curmudgeon Old Ale

Solo Beer: Finale
Beer: Doom



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