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Bad Girls Go to Hell

Director: Doris Wishman Run Time: 65 min. Format: Digital Rating: R Release Year: 1965

Starring: Charles E. Mazin, Gigi Darlene, Sam Stewart

Possessed with sex! Bad Girls Go to Hell is the quintessential 1960s naughty by the queen of sexploitation films and John Waters’ favorite, Doris Wishman.

Are you a bad girl? Do you like bad girls? Do you know they go to hell?! Doris Wishman paved the way, along with contemporaries like Russ Meyer (Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!), to show very dirty and very violent things up on the big screen – and always with a woman in charge! In Bad Girls Go to Hell we see the rise and fall of Ellen who, after killing the man who rapes her (her building’s janitor no less), goes out on the road to escape her past…only to find herself in more sexed up situations in which she is taken advance of and manipulated. Her body may be up for grabs but will her new identity be compromised? An empowering feminist flick of the sexiest and campy sort, Bad Girls Go to Hell is amongst the cannon of sexploitation films and it’s our June NITEHAWK NAUGHTY!