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Poster for Battleship Potemkin

Battleship Potemkin

Director: Sergei Eisenstein Run Time: 75 min. Format: Digital Rating: NR Release Year: 1925 Language: Silent with English Subtitles

Starring: Aleksandr Antonov Vladimir Barksy Grigori Aleksandrov

As part of Nitehawk’s 5th anniversary celebration, LIVE SOUND CINEMA is proud to present Sergei Eisenstein’s BATTLESHIP POTEMKIN with an original live score performed by MORRICONE YOUTH.

Anniversary Note: Morricone Youth first performed at Nitehawk for a LIVE SOUND CINEMA screening of Jean Rollin’s Fascination in June 2012. Battleship Potempkin marks their 15th performance here.

Sergio Eisenstein’s Battleship Potempkin, centered by revolutionary rhythmic editing, is now considered one of the greatest films ever made. After the success of Strike, he was commissioned by the Soviet Government to make a film commemorating the 1905 Odessa uprising and so he focused on the loyal crew of the battleship Potemkin. The film shows the sailors stage a violent mutiny seizing control of the ship to raise the red flag of revolution as they are fed up with the deplorable conditions and extreme cruelties of their officer. This, in turn, sparks a citizens’ revolt under the boot heels of the Czarist Cossack regime. When the ruthless White Russian cavalry arrive to crush the rebellion on the sandstone Odessa Steps, one of the most famous and quoted film sequences in cinema history is born.

Morricone Youth is a New York City band formed in 1999 dedicated to performing and recording old film and television soundtrack and library production music.

NOTE: This will be an experimental soundtrack featuring a new original score. The original soundtrack or audio will not be played.