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The Bed Sitting Room

Director: Richard Lester Run Time: 90 min. Format: 35mm Rating: R Release Year: 1969

Starring:  Arthur Lowe,  Dudley Moore,  Michael Hordern,  Roy Kinnear,  Spike Milligan, Peter Cook, Ralph Richardson, Rita Tushingham

London turns into a wasteland of objects after the bomb in Richard Lester’s THE BED SITTING ROOM. Presented in 35mm!

Richard Lester’s surrealist farce The Bed Sitting Room is unlike any other post-apocalyptic film you’ll ever experience. Showing a landscape of a post-nuclear UK, the film focuses on the remaining few people surviving strangely in London after the shortest war in history. Resorting to the old ways – riding the Tube, making BBC broadcasts, producing electricity, maintaining the monarch – looks more like a foreign future rather than a familiar past. And in their ever-changing world there becomes one unexpected more shift…some of them start turning into objects and animals! A mixture of Buñuel and Monty Python, The Bed Sitting Room is sincerely as funny and strange as the end of the world can get.

Part of Nitehawk’s May THE WASTE LAND brunch and midnite series.