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Poster for Blade Runner (Final Cut)
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Blade Runner (Final Cut)

Director: Ridley Scott Run Time: 117 min. Format: DCP Rating: R Release Year: 1982

Starring:  Brion James,  Daryl Hannah,  Joanna Cassidy,  Joe Turkel,  M. Emmet Walsh,  William Sanderson, Edward James Olmos, Harrison Ford, Rutger Hauer, Sean Young

A cop hunts down rogue replicants in the futuristic detective thriller BLADE RUNNER (Final Cut).

Like tears in the rain, the visibility of replicants amongst humans in Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner future aren’t so clearly discernible. Blade Runner is set in a dystopic 2019 Los Angeles where the rain constantly pours over a dirty, crowded, neon city full of mystery. A retired “Blade Runner” cop named Deckard is brought back into the force to eliminate four replicants who have stolen a spaceship and left their work colony to illegally return to Earth. His quest leaves him with more questions than answers. Blade Runner is a science fiction classic that questions what it means to be human through a depiction of a technologically-dependent and class culture that doesn’t look so different than our current times.

Part of Nitehawk’s November SCI-FIGHTERS midnite series.