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Blonde Death

Director: James Robert Baker Run Time: 93 min. Format: VHS Rating: N/A Release Year: 1984

Starring: Jack Catalano, Sara Lee Wade, Scott Ingram

Blonde Death is a forgotten blast of no-budget nihilism that ranks with best underground films of the 80s. Produced at West Hollywood video space EZTV for less than two thousand dollars, Blonde Death tells the story of Tammy Lynn Beaverdorf’s rapid transformation from virginal teen to death-tripping speed freak. Tammy’s a “teenage time bomb” with an itch to scratch, bursting with soon to be shattered dreams of an idyllic summer after her family moves to California from Mississippi. What follows is a frenzy of sex, drugs, and violence climaxing with a massacre (illegally filmed inside Disneyland!)

Blonde Death is co-presented with Found Footage Festival who will be providing exclusive content for the pre-show.