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Poster for Blood


Director: Andy Milligan Run Time: 69 min. Format: 35mm Rating: R Release Year: 1973

Starring: Allan Berendt, Hope Stansbury, Patricia Gaul

A howlingly-good time awaits this October on THE DEUCE – when gutter-auteur Andy Milligan’s monster-mash-up BLOOD spills across the screen – eliciting more laughs than screams – as it did with the scuzzballs at Times Square’s Selwyn Theater in 1974… or was it 1976? Or both!?!

With 1970s Staten Island doubling for “1930s London” – the Wolfman’s son and Dracula’s daughter live in less-than marital bliss and spend their time raising blood-sucking plants!?! While blood-thirsty bats turn townsfolk into cannibals!?! With real-estate chicanery and philandering leading to multiple murders!?! And then come even more plot improbabilities to make your mind spin! Mad scientists with deformed lab assistants, vampires, and man-eating plants are just the beginning – but there’s seemingly no end to the hatred spewed by and at everyone involved!!

Yet again Milligan cobbles together his usual mix of over-the-top theatrics and acting (with muse extraordinaire, Hope Stansbury in a stand-out performance), paltry period costumes, and a non-stop barrage of bitter dialogue – sprinkled with some cut-rate gore and skin-crawly “sex” to pander to the perverts of his Times Square “audience” – and fashions what may be the best of his singular, stridently demented, lunatic dreams… it’s actually atmospheric!