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Blue Collar

Director: Paul Schrader Run Time: 114 min. Format: DCP Rating: R Release Year: 1978

Starring:  Ed Begley Jr., Harvey Keitel, Richard Pryor, Yaphet Kotto

Three Detroit auto-workers push back against a corrupt union in the fiery BLUE COLLAR.

Richard Pryor has a role that makes use of the wit and fury that distinguish his straight comedy routines.”- Vincent Canby, N.Y. Times

Caught between management mistreatment and union exploitation, a trio of Detroit auto-workers run out of hope that their hard work will reap any sort of reward. Disillusioned and buried in debt, the three concoct a robbery plot that yields a light amount of cash but a wealth of dirt on their union. Under pressure from corrupt union toughs, their co-workers and federal investigators their friendship begins ripping at the seams. While it’s an uncharacteristically dramatic role for Pryor, his performance captures the darker moments of his act that express the frustration and gravity that comes from working through the struggle.

Part of Nitehawk’s summer program COMEDIANS IN FILM (Stand Up/Stand Up Companion).