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Director: John Wintergate Run Time: 88 min. Format: DCP Rating: NR Release Year: 1982

Starring: John Wintergate, Kalassu, Alexandra Day, Joel Riordan

Courtesy of the American Genre Film Archive

“It’s cinema with human beings in it, but possibly not made by human beings.” — Joseph A. Ziemba, BLEEDING SKULL! A 1980s TRASH-HORROR ODYSSEY

Nothing can prepare you for Boardinghouse. Jim (director John Wintergate) a psychic-gigolo who wears a leopard-print thong and rents a haunted house to “beautiful women with no ties.” From there, this unworldly slasher transforms into a sleazy, hallucinogenic maelstrom of gore, sex, chainsaws, pie fights, killer refrigerators, jacuzzis, beds that eat people, a new wave band called 33 and 1/3, and a leading lady known only as Kalassu. Boardinghouse is the first shot-on-video horror film to be blown up to 35mm and released theatrically. AGFA + Bleeding Skull! are thrilled to bring the original 35mm theatrical cut to theaters for the first time since its original release.