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Bonnie’s Kids

Director: Arthur Marks Run Time: 105 min. Format: 35mm Rating: R Release Year: 1972

Starring: Tiffany Bolling, Robin Mattson, Alex Rocco, Steve Sandor

This July, The Deuce lights the firework fuse of furious fun on the bombastic blast of BONNIE’S KIDS! A powder-keg riot of righteous, ribaldrous revenge and rebellion… a portrait of an America driven to perditious desperation… BONNIE’S KIDS are gonna blow the mutha up!!

After dispatching with their letch of a step-dad, the titular sibs – Ellie and Myra – boldly blaze a wrath-filled path through a criminal underworld of mobsters, hit-men, maddened dykes, and suspect private dicks – all in pursuit of a bounty of stolen loot, all the while bulldozing buffoons and goons right and left with wild abandon and bawdy bravado!!

With terrifically talented cult-fave beauty Tiffany Bolling – as the elder of the “kids” of the never seen, barely mentioned, seemingly pre-movie dead “Bonnie” – tearing through this torrid crime-and-grime pot-boiling tale like a tornado… a blazing boulder of smoldering fury… lithe with feminine felinity… taut… and truly believable… unbelievably true! Proving – like many of the era’s Playboy Playmated, pigeoned into “exploitation” actresses (ie: CLAUDIA JENNINGS!!) – to have more chops than many an “A-lister” – or Peter Luger’s, even!!

Genre-movie maestro, writer/director Arthur Marks (Friday Foster, Detroit 2000, The Centerfold Girls) has this monster of mayhem so packed to the rafters with exploitation extravagance that he seems bound and determined to give movie-going miscreants of every predilection/persuasion/perversion more bang for their measly buck than they’d ever got… while still managing a bait-and-switch that must have had the wanna-be-jean-creaming creeps of Times Square’s Liberty Theatre castratingly cowed by the laughter of ladies in the face of maledom’s utter lameness..!