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Poster for Brooklyn Comedy Festival – BRUNCH SHORTS PROGRAM 1

Brooklyn Comedy Festival – BRUNCH SHORTS PROGRAM 1

Run Time: 90 min. Format: Digital

The 2017 Shorts program is…hard to describe. If you’re too busy to take a mescaline-laced road trip to a strange city with your funniest friends, just come and watch these shorts. It’ll feel pretty much the same, and you won’t have to pay for gas. Featuring new work from Alan Resnick, Joe Firestone, Kati Skelton, Nathan Truesdale, and so, so, so much more.


This is That Night

Directed by Matt Braunsdorf

An innocuous fourth date between Jon and Kris evolves into a marathon conversation as they begin to really fall for each other. However, once they call out how well it’s going, all bets are off.



Directed by Ryan Bennett and Max Rosen

Man goes by the name “Petals”, rolls into town and boy, oh boy.



Directed by Mitch Magee

A codependent woman has her life disrupted when her servile best friend wants to move out of their isolated mountain home to be with a man. She hatches an unusual plan to ensure she will never be alone. Patrick Carroll (Hail, Caeser!) plays Buzz, the object of such contentious desire, alongside James Pumphrey (FX’s You’re The Worst).



Directed by Alexei Slate

A couple’s first date ends with a rather unwelcome revelation. This comedy/sexhorror mashup is built like a grand mystery. See if you can spot the clues along the way.


Weird Creatures

Directed by Manolo Moreno


Johnny Bubble

Directed by Alan Resnick

Johnny Bubble is a fictional creature who has lived a long and happy life with a beautiful family and strong ties to the community.



Directed by Kati Skelton

A terrified young man gets caught up in a surreal and demoralizing ‘business opportunity. Will he make it out alive?


Magic Ranch

Directed by Eamon Monaghan

Two ranch hands try to work through their personal problems and perform a weekly magic show.


Balloonfest (Documentary)

Directed by Nathan Truesdell

Cleveland attempts to overcome its nickname, ‘The Mistake by the Lake’, by launching a bunch of balloons.