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Director: Tamra Davis Run Time: 89 min. Format: 35mm Rating: R Release Year: 1993

Starring: Allen Payne, Chris Elliott, Chris Rock, Phil Hartman

Sex, rap, and family values? CB4, a 35mm presentation!

Hip hop parody CB4 follows a trio of two-bit rappers trying to make it in the rap game. After endless stalled attempts, the group finally strikes gold when they take on identities of a bunch of prison-bred lunatics out to shock anyone and everyone. The result is a machine-gun spoof on race and taste in popular music with sights set on pearl-clutching suburbanites, industry buffoons, wannabe rappers, furious afrocentrics, and psychotic gangsters.

Director Tamra Davis got her start directing music videos in the 1980s, an environment she found more welcoming to female directors. After working with acts like Husker Du, NWA, Sonic Youth and Black Flag, Davis moved on to features, first with indie crime drama Guncrazy and then breaking big with comedies like CB4, Billy Madison and Half Baked.

Part of Nitehawk’s September SHE MADE IT brunch, midnite, and special event series.