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Poster for Child’s Play
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Child’s Play

Director: Tom Holland Run Time: 87 min. Format: 35mm Rating: R Release Year: 1988

Starring:  Alex Vincent,  Brad Dourif,  Chris Sarandon, Catherine Hicks

Nitehawk kicks off the holiday season with the worst present ever…a doll possessed by a serial killer in CHILD’S PLAY! A 35mm presentation!

A single mom hopes to make her son’s birthday wishes come true by giving him the sweetest talking doll on the market but, well, we know about best intentions. Dear Chucky is actually housing the soul of serial killer Charles Lee Ray (aka the “Lakeshore Strangler”) who, through the magic of voodoo, manages to do so after being shot by the cop Mike Norris. Of course, when Chucky starts acting all murderous no one believes the kid or the mother…until it happens to them!

Part of Nitehawk’s December XMAS CHOPPING midnite series.