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Poster for Cinema’s First Nasty Women Feminist Shorts

Cinema’s First Nasty Women Feminist Shorts

Run Time: 87 min. Format: DCP Rating: NR

Art-rock duo Parlor Walls will be performing a live score to Kino’s forthcoming release, Cinema’s First Nasty Women.  The program features a series of feminist shorts from the early Twentieth century featuring feminist protest, anarchic slapstick destruction, and suggestive gender play.  These rare and never-before-seen silent films were sourced from 13 international film archives and libraries, spotlighting an electrified parade of strong female leads.


1. Le bateau de Léontine (Léontine’s Boat) (France 1911), 5 min.

2. The New Air Fan : France 1911, 3.5min.

3. Rosalie et son phonographe (Rosalie and Her Phonograph) (France 1911), 4 min

4. Daisy Doodad’s Dial (UK 1914), 8.5 min.

5. La Greve Des Nourrices : France 1907 , 12min.

6. La peur des ombres (Fear of Shadows) (France 1911), 4 min.

7. Léa bambola (Lea as a Doll) (Italy 1913), 6 min

8. Madame Fait Du Sport : France 1908, 10min.

9. Mary Jane’s Mishap (UK 1903), 4 min.

10. Gavroche a Luna-Park : France 1912 , 5.5 min.

11. Zoé et la parapluie miraculeux (Zoé and the Miraculous Umbrella) (France 1913), 4 min.

12. Amour et science (Love and Science) (FR 1912), 14 min.

13. Léontine s’envole (Léontine Gets Carried Away) (France 1911), 6 min.