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Director: Laura Poitras Run Time: 114 min. Format: DCP Rating: R Release Year: 2014

Starring: Edward Snowden, Ewen MacAskill, Glenn Greenwald, Jacob Appelbaum, Laura Poitras, William Binney

National Security expert Bill Arkin, military analyst Tyler Rogoway and special guest, Pulitzer-Prize winning journalist Judith Miller to talk Ed Snowden and the NSA’s massive secret surveillance program revealed in CITIZENFOUR.

The Academy Award winning 2014 documentary that takes you right into the escape of Edward Snowden and the mindset of his accomplices and handlers — Glenn Greenwald and Laura Poitras. Poitras was working on a film about post-9/11 surveillance when Snowden — “Citizen Four” — contacted her. Others had written about, even blown the whistle on the NSA, but Snowden brought out the goods: 1.77 million Top Secret documents, certainly the largest public haul of any insider. The rest is history still in the making.

Judith Miller is a journalist and author specializing in terrorism, the Middle East and other national security issues. She won the Pulitzer-Prize working for New York Times from 1977-2005, becoming its first bureau chief in the Arab World.  She reported on the first Iraq war and then became famous, some would say infamous, for her reporting on weapons of mass destruction leading up to the second Iraq War. In 2005, she spent 85 days in jail to protect confidential sources, receiving the Society of Professional Journalists’ “First Amendment Award.” She is author of four books, most recently, The Story: A Reporter’s Journey. She blogs at and can be seen as a regular commentator for Fox News.

Part of IT’S A CONSPIRACY series presented by Gawker Media.

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