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Director: Andrea Arnold Run Time: 98 min. Format: DCP Release Year: 2022

The Future of Film is Female presents a preview screening of Andrea Arnold’s new documentary, COW; an intimate portrait of one dairy cow’s life. Arnold’s debut short film, MILK, will precede the film. To make an additional $10 donation to The Future of Film is Female, select the “Event + Donation” ticket on the checkout screen.

Acclaimed director Andrea Arnold’s (American Honey, Fish Tank, Big Little Lies) first documentary immerses the audience in life on a dairy farm in rural England through the eyes of Luma, a cow. Empathetic and nearly wordless, the film opens during calving season and captures a world of animal existence that is ordered around service to humans.

MILK (1998)
A searing exploration of grief and coping in which a woman struggles to find meaning following a miscarriage. Andrea Arnold’s debut short film. 10 min.