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Director: Lewis Teague Run Time: 93 min. Format: 35mm Rating: R Release Year: 1983

Starring: Dee Wallace, Danny Pintauro, Christopher Stone, Ed Lauter, Cujos!

This May, The Deuce has a mutha of a Mother’s Day movie in store with the Mothery-est Momma imaginable: DEE WALLACE!! Delivering the Mom goods goodly in CUJO!! Stephen King’s pulpy potboiler stripped down to a twisting tourniquet of tensiony terror!! Mom on the outs with money-hungry advertising exec hubby… a half-hearted affair with the local hunk… unhappy and plagued with constant Pinto car trouble… until crossing paths with previously loveable St. Bernard pooch, more recently bat-bitten and gone bat-shit with the rabies!! Trapped by rampaging rabid Cujo in said Pinto with 6-year-old son Tad for a grueling, sweat-soaked, bloody, dog-slobber-smeared, histrionic-filled WHOLE SECOND HALF OF THE RUNNING TIME stand-off!! That never lets up! Claustrophobic calamity… a white-knuckle ride in a car that won’t move!!

Director Lewis Teague eschews the novel’s more fantastical horrors in favor of a true-grittier portrait of a malaise-most-American – in the midst of the morass of the Reagan era and the “Nope, nothing wrong here” blind-eye turned towards it… EVERYTHING IS WRONG!! And it’s up to E.T.’s mom to put it right!!

Back at the well-frequented fave of the RKO National Twin – there was very probably nary a dry seat – um – eye – amongst the mother-love starved crowd of Times Square lonelies… Who’s yer Momma? The Deuce is yer Momma!