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Poster for Davey Film NYC Showcase 2018

Davey Film NYC Showcase 2018

Run Time: 79 min. Format: DCP Release Year: 2018

“Now in our sixth year, The Davey Foundation has been able to provide cash and gear grants as well as mentorship to sixteen emerging artists. We’re excited to screen a selection of short films by Davey grantees in New York, and share an evening with our every-growing film family. We are thrilled to have the filmmakers in attendance for a Q&A and to spread the love!”


Directed by A. Stephen Lee | 2016 | 13:52 minutes

A young boy comes to understand why his enigmatic father loiters in laundromats listening to coin change machines that sound like casino slot machines.

Directed by Ted Schaefer | 2016 | 13 minutes

A prismatic view of college and the existential angst encountered when faced with questioning one’s purpose and direction in life. A philosophical comedy that intertwines ancient greek philosophy and playwriting with modern day escapism and dread.
(Director in attendance)

Directed by Lauren Smitelli | 2018 | 9 minutes

As a brother and sister describe what is happening in a movie to their blind grandmother, they begin to notice seeing things differently. Tensions escalate as deep-seeded issues come to the surface, and the gender disparity is put on full display.
(Director in attendance)

Directed by Celine Held & Logan George | 2018 | 12 minutes

An estranged son discovers an alarming purchase made by his late father.
(Both directors and actress, Babs, in attendance)

Directed by Jackson Segars | 2017 | 14:28 minutes

As his family argues about his end-of-life care, an elderly Korean man reflects on his life with a stranger.
(Director in attendance)

Directed by Laura Moss | 2017 | 16 minutes

An adolescent girl comes of age against the backdrop of Ted Bundy’s execution in 1989.
(Director in attendance)

The Davey Foundation, a non-profit grant-giving organization, was started and continues in the name of actor, director, musician and producer David Fetzer who passed away suddenly in 2012. He was a brilliant mind and amazing talent–in writing, on stage, and in film and he was just 30 years old when he died. It was founded and is run by his friends, peers and parents and now emanates from that place of love and loss to a larger film family we have built through our six years of existence. At the heart of our organization is a desire to find and hold up young voices who are seeking to tell their stories, and to facilitate them through grants and mentorship in getting their projects made. We offer grants for playwrights, and short film filmmakers under 35 years of age, and we are thrilled to have had our grantees go on to great accolades, including Sundance, Cannes, SXSW, The Emmys and others.