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Dead Calm

Director: Phillip Noyce Run Time: 96 min. Format: 35mm Rating: R Release Year: 1989

Starring: Nicole Kidman, Sam Neill, Billy Zane

B-Sides, Nicole Kidman: One year before she would have her Hollywood breakthrough with Days of Thunder, Nicole Kidman starred in this solid Aussie thriller that effectively showed off her dramatic range.

Rae Ingram (Nicole Kidman) and her husband, John (Sam Neill), struggle to overcome the sudden death of their young son. In an attempt to move past their loss, the couple take their yacht out for an extended vacation trip. While far out at sea, they come across a sinking schooner and rescue the ship’s sole survivor, Hughie Warriner (Billy Zane). Hughie claims the crew of the ship died from food poisoning. Though Rae is empathetic towards Hughie, John is suspicious of his story.