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Poster for Death Race 2000
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Death Race 2000

Director: Paul Bartel Run Time: 80 min. Format: 35mm Rating: R Release Year: 1975

Starring: David Carradine, Martin Kove, Mary Woronov, Simone Griffeth, Sylvester Stallone

See the car race to end all car races with Nitehawk’s 35mm presentation of DEATH RACE 2000!

In the dystopic future of 2000 there’s a cross-country car race where points are earned by brutally killing pedestrians and you either finish first or not at all! Featuring characters like “Frankenstein,” “Machine Gun,” “Nero the Hero,” and “Matilda the Hun,” the Transcontinental Road Race began after the Democratic and Republican parties collapsed and a new authoritarian dictatorship run by “Mr. President” started it to keep his North American territory satisfied. All is well until a resistance group led by Thomasina Paine rebels against the dictatorship by sabotaging the race.

Part of Nitehawk’s BURN N’ RUBBER July series.