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Poster for Dick Dynamite: 1944
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Dick Dynamite: 1944

Director: Robbie Davidson Run Time: 89 min. Format: DCP Rating: NR Release Year: 2023

Starring: Gary Snars Allan, Olly Bassi, Shaun Davidson, Mark Burdett, Valerie Birss, Adam Harper, Andy Moore, Irvine Welsh

It’s the first day of April in 1945, the Axis shaken after a round of blockbusters decimate buildings around the Nazi occupied war-torn city of Kassel. A group of German soldiers huddle round to keep the heat, smoking cigarettes in buildings almost reduced to rubble telling tales of a one man wrecking ball who seems impervious to German bullets, striking fear into the hearts of Wehrmacht and Schutzstaffel alike. No, it’s not the skull cracking, baseball bat wielding Bear Jew, it’s not Stepan Petrenko the deadeye sharpshooting Russian, this man is those two combined and then some, It’s the Nazi-crushing, Panzer-eating Dick Dynamite.