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Poster for Dinosaur Valley Girls

Dinosaur Valley Girls

Director: Don Glut Run Time: 94 min. Format: DCP Rating: NR Release Year: 1996

Starring: Jeff Rector, William Marshall, Griffin Drew, Harrison Ray, Karen Black, Denise Ames

Chain-smoking Hollywood action movie star Tony Markham is zapped back in time via a magic artifact to a prehistoric world of flesh-hungry dinosaurs, angry cavemen, and a tribe of exotic, love-starved cavegirls. He must use his modern-day machismo and best karate moves to survive the onslaught of Jurassic terrors while wooing the literal cavegirl of his dreams, Hea-Thor.

Produced, written and directed by fan film pioneer, Marvel Comics scribe and Star Wars novelist Don Glut, Dinosaur Valley Girls playfully and skillfully dives headfirst into the subject matter, including creating a completely new language for the titlular tarts. What could have easily been just a typical late-night slot-filler on Skinemax becomes an epic world-building adventure, complete with stop motion dinosaurs, original music numbers, off-the-wall cameos and more dad jokes than you can shake an Allosaurus bone at.